Capital Ecosystem
JPLAY committed to modelling a centralized global game ecosystem service platform. It aims to break the island effect of the traditional game economy system, the uncertainty of the users' property in the game, the game-props spamming by the centralized game corporation and the data tampering issue. JPLAY address the game-property, plug-in spamming, the absolute sovereignty of game corporation and other issues.
The concept of virtual assets, large scope of game market and player pattern supported the foundation of Block chain technology. The immutability of Block chain technology solves the accurateness, completeness, effectiveness and availability issues of the big data in game field.
JPLAY owns the top Block chain technology team and rich resources in game industry. It perfectly blends the Block chain technology and game entertainment; researches and pushes out the new game system’s chain technology independently; equips multi-sidechains and provides interface for other games by the JPLAY settlement system, which can access to the system of JPLAY. The digital asset in other games can exchange by using JPLAY as the media and becomes the tokens for other assets, which achieve the JPLAY cross-chain transfer, improve the availability, scalability and system value of JPLAY. The equal position between players and game operators as well as the immutability of data provide a safer game experience for players.
We use our own global economy network and rich industry resources together with JPLAY team, form the win-win long-term strategic partnership.
In order to provide a steady growth and beneficial investment opportunity to Action club members, members can purchase JPLAY internally throughout the fund management before private equity.